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Guarding gastrointestinal integrity, a major cornerstone of human health

Leading BioSciences and Seneca Merger Closing and Milestone Updates


Leading BioSciences is leveraging more than three decades of academic research, as well as 15 years of the company’s own internal efforts, to develop novel therapeutics designed to improve human health through protection of the intestinal epithelial barrier.


Lead drug candidate LB1148, which is entering Phase 3 development, is a novel oral drug with the potential to improve return of gastrointestinal (GI) function which could shorten patients’ length of stay in the hospital following major surgery.


More than 30 years of groundbreaking scientific research conducted at the University of California at San Diego and other prestigious academic institutions supports the importance of the gastrobiome to overall human health and highlights the medical complications that can occur when its intestinal mucosal barrier is disrupted.


Leading BioSciences and Seneca Biopharma Announce Merger to form Palisade Bio

Leading BioSciences’ initial focus is improving patients’ quality of life by accelerating postoperative return of gastrointestinal (GI) function to shorten their length of stay in the hospital. Positive data from Phase 2 trials showed that LB1148 demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in return to bowel function and an overall decrease in ICU and hospital length of stay compared to placebo.  Further, LB1148 was generally safe and well tolerated.