William Fairchild


Mr. Fairchild has 40 years of experience investing in private companies & business startups, deal structuring and financial analysis, business development, angel investing, factoring accounts receivable. He presently is an adviser to and stockholder and an angel investor with numerous companies. Mr. Fairchild works mainly with start-up companies across a variety of industries. He has owned and/or invested in numerous companies in retail, telemarketing, manufacturing, flooring, land development, biotech and internet. Currently, in addition to being a shareholder of the Company he is the co-founder/investor and/or owner of the following companies: The Fairchild Trust, a land development company; Water Solutions, Inc., a company in Hawaii specializing in sophisticated water systems for hospitals and laboratories; Fairchild & Fairchild, a factoring and investment firm and owner of Flooring By The Sea. Mr. Fairchild is a former director of InLab Ventures and a former partner in Cal Cap Ventures.