Chip Parker

Co-Founder, Executive VP of Corporate Development

Mr. Parker has 30 years of venture experience as a founder and early stage investor in both life sciences and technology industries. Mr. Parker is the Co-founder of Leading Ventures, the predecessor to Leading BioSciences. His ability to syndicate capital from venture firms, corporations, and angel investors have allowed him to take a leadership role in the capital formation of Leading BioSciences since its inception. Chip is the chief architect of the Venture Capital 3.0 discipline of venture investing. Venture Capital 3.0 brings an innovative approach to venture investing for both entrepreneurs and the investors. It employs a predictive analytical tool and a framework for managing portfolio companies. Mr. Parker was the founding member and served as President of the southern California chapters of Keiretsu Forum, today’s largest angel investment organization, worldwide. He led and moderated over 250 Keiretsu Forum meetings and Investor Expos. Mr. Parker founded the Tech Coast Initiative, creating and branding the term “Tech Coast,” now an industry standard term, to position and brand southern California’s Technology Coast as a top-tier biotech and technology center of innovation. When he started the Tech Coast Initiative in 1997, the southern California region ranked last in terms of venture capital dollars invested and had only a few small, disjointed angel groups. Today, the region ranks near the top nationally for all venture capital investments and is home to Tech Coast Angels and Keiretsu Forum, the two largest angel networks in the world. Mr. Parker founded Realm Internet, the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in southern California. He later rolled up the marketing and customer base from Realm into DeltaNet, which would maintain its position as the largest privately held ISP in southern California. Mr. Parker identified key acquisition parties and directed its sale to Concentrix Networks, a national publicly traded ISP. Early investors made over 1000x return. Mr. Parker was member of the U.S. Coast Guard, SAR Team and served as a special LA/Long Beach Port Anti-terrorism Liaison to the U.S. Navy and F.B.I. in advance of, and during the 1984 L.A. Summer Olympics.